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    Our Approach

    • Provides high level assessment of product feature importance as well as detailed results on the appeal of specific feature changes
    • Prescriptive data analysis provides actionable results that can be used to make better decisions based on how product changes will impact customer preferences
    • Best-in class, personalized and interactive dashboard
    • An analysis of preferences and cost provides rich insights into how to best maximize the return on investments in product features

    Competitors Approach

    • High level product assessment only; no analysis of the impact of specific feature changes
    • Descriptive data provides a look at current state, but does not allow for any forward looking analysis
    • Basic results reporting and data dump only
    • Simple analysis of preferences means that there is no accounting for the cost of product feature changes
  • Bug Insights' Research

    We always strive for the best.

  • Why Bug Insights?

    Why Most Market Research Fails:

    - Poorly designed questions result in bad data
    - Researchers simply provide a data dump, resulting in reports that aren't actionable
    - Even great research methods fall short, leveraging conjoint, or trade-offs, can be a great method for research, but in the end conjoint will still tell you that consumers want more of everything

    Why Bug Insights' Research is Better:

    - Our team has extensive experience in the market research space, we take the time to fully understand the problem in order to design the best process to meet research needs
    - We provide actionable results, with clear insights and implications - avoiding a pure data dump
    - Our research approach is the best, incorporating cost and preferences into the results, delivering insights on ROI and taking business strategy into account
  • Market research that doesn't suck

    We are so confident in the results that we deliver, if you aren't satisfied, you get your money back!

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